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Note:  After you've downloaded the apps, will stay with you forever.

1-The Little League :

The Rulebook app has the official regulations, playing rules, and operating policies for all divisions of baseball, softball, and challenger in one easy-to-use place. After a single download, the app will update itself for future seasons. Users can search each rulebook separately or across all three of them. They can also look at their recent search terms, bookmark content, watch exclusive videos about how rules are interpreted, get push notifications about important updates during the season, read a list of frequently asked questions, and more. The Little League Rulebook app works even when you don't have a data plan, Wi-Fi, or Internet connection. You can view Rulebook content without a data plan, Wi-Fi, or Internet connection.

- Baseball, Softball, and Challenger Rulebooks
- Robust search features
- Saved recent search terms
- Exclusive rule interpretation videos
- Bookmarks for quick and easy reference
- Push notifications for important in-season updates
- Fully functional offline with no data or Wi-Fi connections needed once downloaded
- One-time download
- Automatic updates for future seasons
- Frequently Asked Questions

2- The Instrument Bible :

The Instrument Bible is a virtual fingering chart for brass, woodwind, and string instruments.
  • Fingering charts that you can touch
  • The modes of concert pitch vs. written pitch
  • You could choose from the treble, alto, or bass clef.
  • has a metronome and synth built in.
  • MIDI files can be uploaded, and the app will play the song (variable tempo playback).
  • An audio tuner shows frequency (in hertz, or Hz) and cents.
  • -Analysis of sound with pictures (oscilloscope, 3D sonogram, VU meter)
  • There is a built-in recorder.
What kinds of instruments are there?
Woodwind instruments include the flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, and recorder.
Brass instruments include the trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba.
Strings: guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, violin, viola, cello, double bass

3-World Of Chess 3D (Pro)

Real Battle, a chess 3D animation Chess 3D Online is a meaningful three-dimensional game that uses a strong chess engine and the LibGDX framework. combat-based game mechanics, and game pieces that move around in a lot of detail.
• Chess is a strategy board game for two people that is played on a checkered board with 64 squares in an 88-square grid.
Millions of people in all parts of the world play the game. Chess is thought to have originated around the year 700 from the Indian game Chaturanga. Chaturanga is also thought to be the ancestor of the Eastern strategy games xiangqi, janggi, and shogi (Japanese chess). Because the Umayyads took over Hispania in the 8th century, chess had spread to Europe by the 9th century. In Spain, at the end of the 15th century, the pieces took on their current roles. The modern rules were standardized in the 19th century.


* Chess 3D *



 is a health and wellness game whose goal is to get people to be more active and healthy.
Even if you don't have an Apple Watch, you can still close activity rings.
There are hundreds of home workouts!
You don't have to start from scratch to earn points (walkens). Walkens are given to each user at the start of the season, and it doesn't matter when you downloaded the app, you have the same chance to win a trophy. The beginning of each season is January 1 and the end is December 31.
The app works with an iOS 11 iPhone or iPod Touch.
After you install the app, we'll ask for permission to access your step count data from the Health app and Motion & Fitness.
We sync data with iCloud.


5 Infinity Tank Battle :

This game now provide up to 610 map, it is enough to play over 2 years. It was a very popular TV 8-bit console game since 90s.Tank Battle is very popular TV game since 8-bit console present. From 2012, we develop "Super Tank Battle" and provide 500 maps to player. Many people play it day by day.

Now we using a new game engine to offer new game "Infinity Tank Battle".

Infinity Tank Battle is a brand new tank battle game. It is following various classic essential features, and add some new interesting elements.

Core Game Rule:

- Defence your base

- Destroy all enemy tanks

Key Features:

- Different type of enemy

- Different type of Map style

- Special items

- Auto Helper tank

- Import Super Tank Battle 500 Legend maps

Infinity Tank Battle will continue update, our target is over 1000 map. And this game is cross-platform, you can find it on mobile, PC, and Mac.

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